Aircraft Maintenance Studies

Program Description

The Certificate in Aircraft Maintenance Studies at Dorset College is a 30.56 weeks long program that consists of specially designed courses in aviation science, technical communications, English interactions, and oral English.


This certificate program enables international students to:

  •     Strengthen their written and oral English skills.
  •     Learn basic applied aviation technical skills as well as theory.
  •     Gain preparation before transferring to the practical Diploma program.

Program Length

650 hours / 8 months

Program Courses

Term 1

  • Aviation Science I
  • Technical Communication I
  • Oral Fluency I

Term 2

  • Aviation Science II
  • Technical Communication  II
  • Oral Fluency II


*Note: Students must complete each of the required courses at Dorset College with a minimum grade of 70%



Upon successful completion of the Certificate in Aircraft Maintenance Studies (AMS) at Dorset College, students are guaranteed transfer to the Aviation’s Technician - Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME Cat-M) diploma program at the University of the Fraser Valley.

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