Automotive Service Technician Studies

Program Description

The Certificate in Automotive Service Technician Studies at Dorset College is a 30.56 weeks long program that consists of specially designed courses in automotive science, technical communications, English interactions, and oral English. This certificate program enables international students to:


  •     Strengthen their written and oral English skills
  •     Learn basic automotive technical knowledge and mechanical reasoning skills
  •     Become familiar with western academic style and culture

Program Length

650 hours / 8 months

Program Courses

Term 1

  • Automotive Science I
  • English Interactions I
  • Oral Fluency I

Term 2

  • Automotive Science II
  • English Interactions II
  • Oral Fluency II


*Note: Students must complete each of the required courses at Dorset College with a minimum grade of 70%


Upon successful completion of Dorset College’s Certificate in Automotive Service Technician Studies, students are guaranteed transfer to the Automotive Service Technician (AST) Program at the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV).

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