Conventions and Events Management (Co-op)

Program Description

The Conventions & Events Management Diploma Program prepares the students for a career in the conventions and events planning and service and accelerate their career in the mentioned fields.


Students learn the reasons that make Conventions and Events a major source of revenue for the Tourism & Hospitality sectors in British Columbia, Canada as well as many world destinations.


The program prepares the students for a career in Conventions/Events planning and service as a events coordinator, conventions services coordinator, conventions and events marketing assistant.


Students receive a firsthand knowledge and training in many service areas in the Conventions and Events service including Banquets and events food & beverage service and set up as a food & beverage server or house-person, a front office associate or planner.

Program Length

12 months [ 960 hours (without co-op)] or 24 months [ 1760 hours (with co-op)]

Program Courses

  •     Management of Food and Beverage Operations
  •     Supervision in the Hospitality Industry
  •     Basic Hotel and Restaurant Accounting
  •     Hospitality Facilities Management and Design
  •     Fundamentals of Destination Management and Marketing
  •     Managing Front Office Operations
  •     Managing Beverage Service
  •     Managing Hospitality Human Resources
  •     Revenue Management
  •     Security and Loss Prevention Management
  •     International Hotel Management
  •     Managing Technology in the Hospitality Industry
  •     Hospitality Sales and Marketing
  •     Convention Management and Service
  •     Open Elective, a choice of any of the Hospitality Management Diploma Courses
  •     Events, Professional Event Coordination
  •     Program Co-op - 1
  •     Program Co-op-  2

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