Minimum Education Requirement

All applicants for admission to the College must satisfy at least ONE of the following criteria:

Minimum English Language Requirement

University Transfer Programs and Preparation for Graduate Study Applicants Program students are asked to provide official documents showing any one of the following:

Students who cannot provide any of these documents must either:


With a score of 50% on the  English Proficiency Exam or a final grade of 65% in the  Academic Preparation, a student is permitted to enroll in the first two of a sequence of four “bridge” English courses leading to the  English 100. With a higher English Proficiency Exam score or a higher Academic Preparation program final grade, a student is permitted to enroll in a higher level Dorset English course.


Students who achieve a score on the Dorset College English Proficiency Exam significantly higher than 50% or a Final Grade in Academic Preparation III significantly higher than 65% may seek Advanced Standing credit for English courses, as follows:


Note: All the information above applies to general entrance only; see the program information for additional program-specific admission requirements.

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