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All international students must have medical insurance while they are studying in Canada. After three months in British Columbia, students will be eligible to purchase insurance from B.C. Medical Services Plan. Students with no medical insurance or invalid coverage will not be permitted to attend class.medical


For your information:  The renewal or new application on MSP, starting February 15, 2013 the provincial government will introduce the BC Services Card. The BC Services Card replaces the CareCard and can be combined with your driver’s licence. It is secure government issued identification that British Columbians can use to prove their identity and access provincially-funded health services. In the future, the BC Services Card will provide in-person and online access to other government services.  Effective January 1, 2015, monthly rate is increased to $72.00 per person. Recommended to pay the fee on a monthly basis in order to receive a complete medical service. For more detail, please visit MSP website.

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