Rooms Division Management

Program Description

The Rooms Division Management Program qualifies the students to work for different lodging operations starting from entry level and moving up, students learn all the different aspects of the rooms division and its relationship with other lodging operations departments that form an integral part of the hotels, resorts and other lodging operations.


Students learn the functions of the Rooms Division (Front Office and Housekeeping, Facility Management), and the different positions in the mentioned departments.

Program Length

360 hours / 18 weeks

Program Courses

  •     Management of Food and Beverage Operations
  •     Supervision in the Hospitality Industry
  •     Fundamentals of Destination Management and Marketing
  •     Managing Front Office Operations
  •     Managing Housekeeping Operations
  •     Managing Beverage Service
  •     Managing Technology in the Hospitality Industry
  •     Hospitality Sales and Marketing

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